Saturday, February 18, 2012

Well, That's Embarrassing

And now I'm worried I misspelled "embarrassing" in the title!

I have two new reviews up- one each on Amazon and Amazon UK. Thank you! But as I read them I saw both mentioned typos and now I'm racking my brain wondering where they could be. I have read over that story so many times in the last few years and had plenty of test readers and for there still to be errors- I hate that. I tried to put the best effort out there, so if anyone can point them out, I'd be glad to fix them.

I'll also address the other concern a reviewer had. It was mentioned that Chandra was okay with children outside of marriage, and I can't think of where that could be. I don't want to write spoilers, so if it's about the scene at the lake (clear enough?), those two were married. If it's about Chandra herself, well, she's trying to figure out who she is and has to consider all possibilities. Does that help?

I do not turn down feedback. I might read it clutching a plush buffalo in fearful anticipation because no one wants to read bad news, but I love to hear reaction and appreciate it all.

Thanks again!

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