Monday, January 21, 2013

One year later

Exactly one year after Raised by Wolves was published, Bound by Blood is now in processing at Amazon's site. The Kindle version should be up later today or tomorrow, the paperback in a week or so and the Nook version in a few months. It is a huge sigh of relief to finally have it out and done. If you've been waiting patiently, thank you so much. This time last year it was almost done and I was sure everything could be prettied and polished in no time, but then came life and issues and a change of heart about the plot, but here we are now.

I hope you like it and the next book, Caught in a Trap, is already in progress.

Monday, January 14, 2013

First Chapter- Bound by Blood

 Here I was thinking that I was keeping fairly up to date on this, but then I see my last post was in the beginning of November. Time flies. This time I mean it when I say Bound by Blood will be out this month, and to hold me to my word I am starting out by posting the first chapter here for all of you.

Chapter One

Hope you enjoy it.