Saturday, November 03, 2012


   That's how I feel about the delay of Bound by Blood. Back in the winter when I released Raised by Wolves I thought it would be no problem to have the sequel out by summer- it was almost finished, all that needed to be done was to polish it up and send it out to the proofreaders. That was before the ending fought me. It was nice but it wasn't working. Another idea kept poking at ribs, asking to be given a shot and at the end of summer I gave in and tried it out instead and it fit so much better and led into the final book more like I had envisioned, so it had to be written in and polished and now we are finally at the sending off to readers stage so I'm hoping within the month that the new and improved Bound by Blood will out for sale. 

   In the next few days, I'm going to be set on a more regular schedule for blog updates and the first one will be Chapter One posted for all of you to read. I hope it will be worth the wait. 

   Thank you.